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iPhone Applications

Our iPhone and iPad applications are developed in Objective-C or Swift using modern software development practices. Unlike most development firms we try to avoid third party frameworks and rely heavily on the Apple toolkits. This makes a product which is more simple to support. We have experience with the Apple App store and know exactly what they will and will not approve for sale.

Android Applications

In 2016 new Android users accounted for 81.7% of the market share. This makes android the most widely used smartphone and tablet platform. Our developers create software conforming to industry standards and manage submission of products to the Google play store.

Advanced Logic

Seaboden Mobile Software development has a team of experts who focus strictly on solving advanced logic and mathematics problems. These engineers focus on machine learning, neuro networks, logical proofs, 3D graphics manipulation, camera graphics processing and more.

Other Software

Other software development systems we work with and build have to do with Machine learned stock market trading algorithms, advanced medical wound image processing applications and scalable cloud storage infrastructure software.

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Seaboden Mobile Software Development specializes in building cross platform mobile application software. Specifically, iOS, Android, Web Applications and scalable REST backends. We also do in house UI/UX design and graphic design in order to facilitate the development of our software products. This makes us a one stop shop for developing any modern mobile application. Our developers have worked directly for Amazon, Google Flight’s infrastructure provider, Travelocity’s infrastructure provider, Military weapon software, Drone software, satellite internet, and satellite management software.

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